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We understand the importance of family and your desire to bring parents, your spouse and your children here to join you in the U.S. Our Chicago family immigration attorneys at Cho Immigration Law can show you the options available. We then help you determine the right method and guide you through each step of the immigration process.

Illinois Sponsorship Attorneys And Foreign Family Members

If you are a U.S. citizen, you have the option to sponsor a foreign family member for a green card. The immediate relative category gives you the ability to file a petition upon the behalf of immediate family members including your spouse, parents and unmarried children who are not yet 21. It is also possible to sponsor siblings, unmarried children who are over 21 and married children of any age, but this is considered a preference category and there are limitations.

Perhaps you spent time in another country and during that time, you married or became engaged to a foreign citizen. You may be able to obtain what is called a K visa to bring that person here. These visas are considered non-immigrant visas, which means they are only valid for a limited time. However, once your spouse or fiancé/fiancée arrives, you can begin the process of obtaining permanent residency.

Family Visas Without a U.S. Sponsor

The Immigration and Nationality Act gives you the right to file for an immigrant visa without a sponsor if you are the victim of domestic violence. You must show that your abuser is a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident. This provision applies to children, parents and spouses, and can be applied in situations where the abuse took place on or off American soil. Furthermore, you must prove that you have suffered extreme cruelty or battery from the abuser and that there is a relationship with the abuser.

In addition to family immigration law, our attorneys also handle deportation/removal defense, H-1B, business immigrant visas, business non-immigrant visas as well as other immigration services. Contact Cho Immigration Law at (312) 853-3088, to set up a consultation with an experienced Chicago family immigration attorney.