How to Check USCIS Processing Times Online

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It’s now possible to check the USCIS processing times online through the USCIS website, providing applicants with a convenient resource to better understand the processing times for their cases. To use the new system, applicants simply need to enter their form number along with the office processing their case.

What Are the USCIS Processing Times?

Applicants can now check their case processing times via the USCIS website by simply entering the form number and the corresponding office handling the case. The USCIS processing time is the period of time it takes for the agency to process any type of case from the date the agency received the application. 

USCIS processes each case monthly based on when it’s received, and the processing time displayed is derived from data gathered over the previous two months. To help improve the accuracy, comprehensibility, and timeliness of case processing time postings, USCIS has been testing a new calculation method for developing case times for many forms.

How to Understand Processing Times

Individuals can check processing times for forms such as those used for petitioning immigrant relatives. USCIS displays processing times as a range. The first number in the range is the median amount of time needed for the completion of half of the cases. The second number displayed is the time needed to complete a majority (93%) of cases.

According to USCIS, processing times for cases are based on data analyzed from the previous month unless the “notes” section for the form specifies otherwise. USCIS tries to update most processing times every month to keep them consistently up-to-date.

The agency calculates processing times based on the data collected from previously completed cases and is unable to project the amount of time it will take to complete cases from the moment of filing.

How to Find the Information on the Form to Enter Online

When checking processing times online, applicants can reference the details on their forms and enter them on the USCIS website. The form number is the first item that’s needed, which is visible at the top of the form in the box labeled “Form Type” or “Case Type.” The other detail needed is the office, which will be listed at the bottom of the form.

Checking processing times online can enable applicants to accurately determine how long it will likely take to complete their immigration cases.