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Each year, approximately 140,000 visas are made available for workers who are seeking to live and work in the United States permanently. At Cho Immigration Law, every Chicago business immigration lawyer is familiar with the options for business immigration. As part of our immigration services, we help you determine which visa is appropriate for your situation.

Illinois Green Card Attorney

Perhaps you came to the U.S. on a business non-immigrant visa such as an H-1B or an L-1A, but you wish to make your temporary stay a permanent one. Our business immigration attorneys provide guidance through the process of obtaining a green card. There are options available for skilled workers, for people with extraordinary abilities, and for researchers and professors. We can explain these options to you and then assist you in filing out the right applications, submitting the necessary documentation and preparing for any interviews.

Employment First Preference

First preference employment visas are reserved for priority workers. This applies to you if you have extraordinary abilities in the arts, sciences, athletics, business or education. Additionally, if you are considered an outstanding researcher, professor, multinational executive or manager, you may be eligible for this classification. Our business immigration lawyers explain the requirements for a first-preference business immigration visa and help you determine whether you qualify.

National Interest Waivers

When it is determined to be in the nation’s best interest, certain workers may be eligible for a national interest waiver. Through this waiver, you can bypass the labor certification and job offer requirements associated with other business visas. Our immigration attorneys in Chicago are familiar with the evidence needed to prove that your work is of a national scope, will be in an area that is of considerable intrinsic merit, and would benefit the United States.

Answers To Your Questions

Here at Cho Immigration Law, our attorneys will sit down with you and answer your questions concerning the many different types of business visas. We also can assist you with other immigration matters such as family immigration, citizenship and deportation/removal defense. Please contact our immigration lawyers in Chicago today at (312) 853-3088.