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You have worked hard to build a life for yourself here in the U.S., and now you face deportation. Unlike other immigration processes, such as those involved in obtaining business immigrant visas or a K visa, deportations are court matters. Our Chicago deportation attorneys here at Cho Immigration Law understand how serious these situations are. We use our knowledge and experience to put together a strong removal defense plan to obtain the best results for you.

Evanston Deportation and Removal Defense Attorneys

The prospect of deportation and removal can be frightening and overwhelming. However, you do have the right to argue your case before a U.S. court. There are several types of removal hearings, including the following:

  • Bond redetermination hearings – used to decide whether the bond set by the Department of Homeland Security should be adjusted.
  • Withholding-only hearings – used to determine whether the Convention Against Torture or the Immigration and Nationality Act may provide relief to you
  • Rescission hearings – a judge will review your residency status. If the judge decides that an immigration status should not have been granted to you in the first place, that status can be revoked.

Once we determine what your situation is, we might initiate a removal appeal after the conclusion of a hearing. This allows us to gather additional information and prepare an argument to show why you should be allowed to remain in the U.S.

Potential Forms of Relief

There are several avenues through which our immigration deportation lawyers can help you in your deportation process. One avenue is called cancellation of removal. In order to obtain this type of relief, you have to demonstrate that you have been living in the country for at least 10 years and you have a good moral character. Additionally, you must show that your removal will cause exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to a citizen or a permanent resident.

Immigration services

We are experienced not only in immigration deportation, but also in immigration services such as family immigration and the sponsoring of a spouse by a U.S. citizen. If you are facing any immigration issue, schedule a consultation with an immigration lawyer at Cho Immigration Law and begin laying the foundation for your deportation defense. Contact us today at (312) 853-3088.