Qualifications for an Expedited Visa Appointment

Passport in a bag

In some cases, individuals may qualify for expedited visa appointments if they meet certain criteria. The following are some of the qualifications for expedited interview appointments.

Urgent Business Travel

Some individuals may qualify for expedited NIV appointments if they are traveling with the purpose of attending to unexpected and important business matters. Qualifying employees in these instances will need one of the following:

  • A letter of invitation from the specific company requesting travel that explains the urgency of the matter, with an in-depth description of the business and the consequences of a delayed appointment.
  • Available evidence of a required training program taking place within the U.S. of three or fewer months, including descriptive letters from the company and employer responsible for the training.

Denial of ESTA

Citizens of Visa Waiver Program partners who have recently received notice that they are ineligible to visit the U.S. under the program may be able to have their interview appointment expedited. However, the travel must be fast-approaching and the traveler must either have citizenship or have recently visited Iran, Iraq, Syria, or Sudan.

Individuals will need copies of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection message pertaining to their ESTA status.

Medical Requirements

Urgent medical care is another reason why some may qualify for expedited appointments, whether they need it for themselves or for a close relative or employer.

In these cases, individuals will need a letter from their physician with a description of the condition being treated and the reason for seeking treatment in the U.S. They will also require a letter from the doctor or hospital located in the U.S. that indicates that they are sufficiently prepared to provide treatment and accurately estimate the cost. In addition, individuals will need to provide evidence of the payment to prove they can cover the cost of care.

Exchange Visitors and Students

Some people applying for expedited appointments may include those who are visiting the U.S. to engage in studies in the absence of regular visa appointments prior to the start of the program. Students and exchange visitors will need a Form DS-2019 or I-20 that includes the start date of the program within 60 days of starting. Individuals will also need to prove that they covered the SEVIS fee if needed.

Deaths and Funerals

Some qualifying individuals may need to travel to the U.S. to make repatriation arrangements or attend a funeral for an immediate family member. Required documentation will include a letter from a funeral director containing contact details, information about the deceased, and the specific date on which the funeral is to take place. Individuals will also need to provide evidence that the deceased belongs to their immediate family.

If an individual meets these qualifications and can collect and submit all necessary documentation, it may be possible to expedite the NIV appointment.