What Is a TN Visa

A Work Visa, TN Visa

Wondering, “what is a TN visa?” The TN visa is an easy alternative to the H-1B visa for Canadian or Mexican citizens seeking to work within the United States. It is easy to apply for and is not subject to the quota requirements of other visas. This makes it an appealing alternative for individuals seeking the fastest path to employment in the United States.

The TN visa is available for a number of professions. These include accountants, biochemists, computer systems analysts, dentists, economists, engineers, nutritionists, and occupational therapists among dozens of other vocations. Individuals seeking to work within these professions must show proof that they have the proper training and educational background to perform these jobs. This includes a Baccalaureate degree and any required licensure; both of these must be obtained prior to applying for the TN visa.

TN visas are granted on a three year basis. When this period expires, three year extensions may be requested every three years thereafter. This makes it simple for skilled employees to continue working within their professions without the worry of having to leave and return when the three year period expires.

Canadians seeking to apply for the TN visa can do so at the airport or port-of-entry inspection facility. When applying, a Department of Homeland Security Officer will review the individual’s documentation and issue Form I-94 when the application fees are paid. One issued, the individual may then enter and begin working within the United States.

Mexican citizens must apply via the US Embassy or one of the U.S. consulates in Mexico. Applicants must schedule and complete a formal interview and submit fingerprints for their records. They must also submit their passport, Form DS-160, photographs, and the visa application fee. Both Mexican and Canadian citizens should consult an immigration lawyer in Chicago prior to completing the process to ensure documentation is properly prepared.

One of the best things about the TN visa is that individuals can bring their families with them when they enter the United States. Dependents of TN visa holders are granted a TD visa, or Trade Dependent visa. They may reside within the United States, however, they may not work in the United States under this visa.

The TN visa is an efficient alternative for individuals seeking to pursue their careers and live their dreams in the Untied States without an H-1B visa. It allows multiple-entry and makes it possible for skilled individuals to build a career anywhere in the country.