Is America Still the Land of Opportunity for Immigrants?

Throughout history, the United States of America has promised a magnificent opportunity to those who land upon her shores. And the nation that is known for its freedom, success, and diversity has always delivered on that promise. With recent headlines consumed with immigration reform and deportation crackdowns, however, many immigrants are beginning to doubt whether America is still the land of opportunity it once was. Fortunately, despite the heated immigration debates and numerous changes that are taking place, America continues to be a welcoming nation that enables talented individuals from all walks of life to follow their dreams.

Americans Recognize that Immigrants Define the Country

Immigrants have always been, and continue to be, a very important part of the fabric that makes up this great nation. And recent studies reveal that the majority of Americans believe that foreign born individuals should be provided with a path to United States citizenship or at least permanent residency. If not for immigrants, after all, America as it stands would not exist. Since America’s founding, immigrants have brought their talents, knowledge, and dedication to this nation, building businesses both big and small, developing opportunities for other residents to grow and prosper, adding strength and competitiveness to companies across the country, and helping to transform technology and industry.

America Continues to Offer Opportunity

For immigrants who are well educated in advanced technology, math, science and engineering, and a wide variety of other fields, the opportunities in the United States are abundant. Whether arriving to help fill much needed positions in companies that already exist, or to become entrepreneurs with new ideas, immigrants here are empowered, innovative, and successful. Reports from the Partnership for a New American Economy reveal that approximately 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children, and about 150 new opportunities are created for every immigrant-founded company on average. Immigrants hold key positions in a wide variety of top businesses throughout the nation as well, helping to ensure the success of the American economy.

Like the millions of immigrants before them, including those who drive this country to success during the Industrial Revolution, foreign born workers continue to thrive in America. And as they realize the success they envision, they help to create even more opportunities for the millions of immigrants who continue to strive for the American dream.