Submitting I-693 Medical Exams for Employment-Based I-485 Filings

Illinois immigrants who plan to file employment-based I-485 filings must also submit I-693 medical exams, but since a number of factors affect recommended filing times, it may be in their best interest not to file them right away. The I-485 adjudication process is already taking more than a year and is likely to increase with the added requirement of in-person interviews. Since the I-693 medical exams are only good for one year, applicants might want to wait and submit them later in the process.

The I-693 and I-485 Process

People who are applying for employment-based adjustments of status must submit the required I-693 medical exams before their I-485 forms are adjudicated. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services does not require that the I-693 forms are submitted at the same time as the initial I-485 petitions, however. According to the USCIS, the forms may be submitted either concurrently with the I-485 petitions or at any time prior to when the petitions are adjudicated. If the forms are not submitted concurrently, applicants might wait until the USCIS requests the additional information before submitting the I-693 medical exams.

Why Waiting Might be Smart

The adjudication process for I-485 adjustment of status petitions was already taking at least one year. Since the interview requirement was added for certain I-485 cases, the adjudication process is likely to take even longer. The I-693 forms are only valid for one year. If people submit them at the same time as their initial I-485 filings, it is likely that they will have to redo the I-693 medical exams and re-submit them later. Therefore it may be advisable to submit the initial I-485 adjustment of status forms without the I-693 medical exams. If filers wait, they should be ready to submit the forms when they are asked to do so.

There are some situations that might make it beneficial to submit the I-693 forms early, however. If applicants do not have some of the required vaccinations, submitting the I-693 exams concurrently with the I-485 petitions may speed up the medical vetting process. In rare cases when an employment-based application will be adjudicated faster, submitting both forms at the same time might also make sense.